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When It's a more than 1,20,000 Full Text Searchable Resource of Legal Judgments from all over world, it's no point comparing to any site which has just come up or to any CD ROM (
Compact Disks Rendered Obsolete Monthly) Based Content Providers which lock you down to one computer unless you purchase multiple licenses. You can't be just comparing Apples To Apples. We are one of the oldest legal portals on Web operating from India. We are currently updating the contents of the site which includes design changes. We shall be posting the current updates regarding the judgments here for you to view. Regarding the content detail of Supreme Court Judgments, High Court Judgments and International Courts Judgments, you can check the numbers online by clicking these links. (International Courts Judgments Is Password Protected For Reasons Of Abuse By Copy Cats).

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The primary objective of this portal is to offer unlimited mobility in terms of access from anywhere in the world to the Registered Members. The concept attempts to replace the Costly CD based information on the Subject which is available currently at prohibitive cost to the user. No Hardware Locks, No Printer Port Locks, No restriction on the access in terms of number of hours
Supreme Court Of India Judgements: The Supreme Court Of India Judgements (Full Text with Headnotes, Citations and cross citations) is available on the site from 1950 to current online reporting. There are more than 28000 judgements of Supreme Court Of India available on Site. The content is now being updated to bring it online and start reporting current judgments from supreme court within 72 Hours once the database is updated back again to cover 2004 and 2005 section.
Judgements Of Other Countries: after moving to a high end dedicated server of its own has indexed more than 80,000 full text judgments of more than 29 foreign courts and the database of index of more than 400 MB is maintained for search from our own search engine.
Law Of Other Countries:The portal has information resources on Law Of Other Countries from over 200 countries.
18000 Online News Resources:This covers online news from all over the world with more than 700 topics. The   headlines are searchable through a search engine.
High Court Judgements: Judgements Of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, J&K, Gujarat, Mumbai, Kerala, High courts are available on site. Very soon we are going to add more than 10000 Judgements from these and few other high courts to the site. Please note that we are not charging anything for the High Courts Judgments section. Whatever we add to High Courts Section shall be available without any charges to the registered subscribers.

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